Orc Sandwich by maldu – by maldu

“Mmm fuck yeah Señor! Puppy told me you had a great ass, and he wasn’t lying!”

“Speak for yourself you horny bugger!” Grobash grinned, playfully
swatting to the rhino’s ass as he thrusted in once again. “Yours’ ain’t
so bad either!”

Bromok groaned loudly through gritted teeth, fighting to hold back the
urge to cum. He and Grobash had booked one of Gustav’s stripogram
services for the evening; but the rhino soon found that the two orcs had
much more planned for him once he’d lost the last of his gear…

After the two green skins had stripped their own clothes off, things
quickly got steamy. A lot of fondling, groping and a few blowjobs later,
the luchador was hilt deep in Bromok’s rear. With much grunting and
moaning in pleasure, the second orc also took up position. He eased
himself inside the rhino and the trio began to fuck each other silly.
Being sandwiched between two thick orcs turned Gustav on to no end, and
the green skins on each end were thoroughly enjoying themselves as well.

Gustav and Grobash’s thrusts travelled between along the train of bulky
bodies, rocking Bromok to his core as he did his best to take the thick
rhino cock. Already pent up from Gustav’s performance, he was really
struggling. He could feel Gustav leaking pre cum like mad, each motion
becoming more slick and smooth as it lubed itself. He had no idea how
close he and his friend were to shooting their own loads, and wanted to
last at least as long as Grobash. But all the moans and musk filling the
air were making it increasingly difficult not to give in to the
pleasure of the rhino’s thick meat pounding him.

“Oh… fuck me!”

“But I am, Señor!” Gustav chuckled. “And so I will be for the rest of
the evening! You did order for the “Intimate Show” after all…”

“You’d better not be charging by the hour,” Bromok grunted, pre leaking
all over the rug as he did his best to steady himself on the sofa.
“We’re not made of money, you know!”

“Whoever said I wanted paying, Señor? Orc sandwiches are payment enough!”

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